Monday, May 04, 2009

Free State Trail Run

Well, what can we say? Weather-related issues can be an "issue" in Kansas. Luckily, the marathon was completely finished prior to the 5 sets of tornado sirens going off. Results are below. I'm sorry they took so long to get up.

The 40-mile and 100K Ultra Race results were problematic, due to the sirens, high-winds, heavy rain and confusion that started at about 10 hours and 30 minutes into the race. If you have any additions, submissions, confessions, questions or problems with them, please email me. Thanks.

2009 Trail Marathon Results v2

2009 40-Mile Results v2

2009 100K Results v2

Thanks for your understanding with the closure of the race prior to the stated time limit. There were impassible streams on the trail due to rains / flooding, and there were also high winds, lightning, and certain Park officials that told us to shutdown the race and hunker-down in shelters. One person (not in the race) was hit by lightning, just a short distance from the course.

We have the best volunteers in the world, and they worked extremely hard to make sure that everybody who could get off of the trails, safely did so. A special thanks goes to Phil Sheridan, for risking life & limb to sweep 10 miles of the course during the storm.

Thanks again for a great Free State Trail Run.

Happy trails,
Ben & Sophia


Dick Ross' Photos (

Brad Trimble's Photos

2009 Race Reports:

Jim M. (Marathon)
Dr. Mark E Ott (2nd Place, Marathon)
Bobbie (40-Mile)
Mircea (40-Mile)
A Girl Named Sam (40-Mile)
John (40-Mile)
Adam (40-Mile)
Nick (40-Mile)
David Wakefield (40-Mile, First Place)
Coleen (100K)
Lee from Topeka (100K)
Dan (100K)
Gary (100K)
Trail Zombie (100K)


Hui-Qing Yin (Photo by Dick Ross)

Emily "Mud Doc" Horn (Photo by Dick Ross)

Sloppy Runner (Photo by Dick Ross)

Sam & John (Photo by Dick Ross)

Danny Dehlin, winner 100K (Photo by Dick Ross)

Race Directors: Sophia & Ben (Photo by Brad Trimble)

Jim Davis (Photo by Brad Trimble)

Mona Latimer (Photo by Brad Trimble)


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