Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Intro Run

Content by Shane Jones.

We had a good race today. It took quite a bit of work to get the course ready for race day and it was a bit short, but I think it's a sweet loop that will be fun to train on as well. I had a decent race . Definitely shoulda started a bit easier. I ran the first mile in 4th and then I blew up. I couldn't smoke the long downhill like I wanted because I was still trying to recover from the hills.

I think I finished 8th or 9th in 19:25. Some dude tried to blow by me at the finish, but he got shut down. My son Jackson and his friend Austin both ran the race and they were talking about doing the 15 mile Psummer Psycho so they can get a medal.I had to go to work after, but some of the Nerds went to work on the Psummer Psycho course. I get out there and do some work soon.
Dick Ross' photos here and here.


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