Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Red Bridge Ramble Trail Race

Race Details:
Vasque Red Bridge Ramble 8-Mile Trail Run
03/09/2008 (Sun)
8:00 a.m. Shelter #1, Minor Park, Kansas City, MO Trail run with river crossings.
This is always a low-key, high-fun family event, all for just an $8 entry fee.

2008 Race Report
Ben Holmes, RD

This year's Red Bridge Ramble was a little different. We had to re-route the course and eliminate our usual crossings of the Blue River, which was flowing fast and deep. The course was a Garmin-305-measured 6.84-miles, so we'll call it an "even" seven.

The participants feet still got wet at "appropriate intervals." Just as your feet would start to dry out, you would hit another water crossing. There was no was cold and "crunchy" on the trails.

We had the same number of entrants as last year...80; even though the weather was colder, there was a time change, and the course situation was "tentative." Everybody seemed to have a good time!

Thanks again to our sponsors:
Vasque, GoreTex, Garry Gribble's Running Sports, and Dr Jesse Walden, DC.,
Dick Ross (

And thanks to our wonderful volunteers:
Course setup: Rich Stigall, Shane & Jackson Jones, and me.
Course check-out: Kyle Amos, Caleb Chatfield
Course cleanup: Kyle Amos, Caleb Chatfield, Josh Pool, Emily Horn, Gabe Bevan, John King, Rick Mayo.
Finish Line and Pre-race: Kyle Amos, Caleb Chatfield, Dave Suptic, Ann Kohn, Kevin Pinkowski, and me.
Cheering section: Pat Perry and kids.

Dick Ross' Photos:
Action Photos are here
Fun Photos are here ..
Finish times are here
Photos by Dick Ross,

Race Results for 2008


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