Saturday, July 12, 2008

Psycho Psummer Trail Run

Well, we pulled-off another fun and successful Trail Nerd event.

There was a lot of mud, sweat and tears at the 2nd Annual Psycho Psummer Trail Runs and Psychopathic 5K trail run. The volunteers made it happen. I'll post a longer report, later. Until then, here are some race reports to read:

2008 Race Reports:

Tony "Semper Fast" Clark (50K male winner)
Chris Hoffman (50K)
Scott Giddings (50K)
Gregg Lynn (50K)
Coleen "Cynical MudBabe" Voeks (50K)
Sophia "MudStudMudBabe" Spencer (50K)
Mickey Woolard (50K)
Adam Monaghan (50K)
Laurie "Nerdo" Euler (50K)
Jim Megerson (50K)
FunkySpunkyPenguin (50K)
Scott Hill (50K)
John (15-Mile)
KC Stine (15-Mile)
Sarge (15-Mile)
Shane Jones (15-Mile)

Mark Stovall: Complaints
Mookie Thompson (first 50K): Thanks


Results for 2008:

15-Miler and 50-Kilometer Events

5K Event

2008 Photos:

Dick Ross Photography

More Dick Ross Photos

Gary Henry's Website (w/photos)


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