Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday Night Run

The Trail Nerds hosted the traditional KC Track Club Wednesday Night Run, this week. What a success! The weather cooperated, and we had 36 runners show up, and all but 8 of them ran on the trails with us. (The others ran or walked on the paved trails).

Casey Yunger

Caleb "Wankson" Chatfield, had just flown-in from Chicago, and he led a group of the "fasties" on a short and fast, 7-mile trail run. Casey "the Hunger" Yunger, ran the medium and extra-medium-paced runners. And Jim "Heatmiser" Megerson, helped lead the rest of the group.

Jim Megerson

Sophia "Original Mud Babe" Wharton, grilled beer-boiled brats, sirloin burgers, and black bean burgers to the awaiting hungry runners, as they rolled-in after their various wanderings in the woods. Brett "Ho-Lotta-Smiles" Hodges, helped where necessary. I just stood back and helped host the event with Sophia, and had a very good time. The throng even helped polish-off a container of my "cool, brown emulsion fluid." Meanwhile, Dick Ross was on hand to take some fun photos. Thanks, Dick!


Part of the group.

Me, sporting a Tejas Trail Nerds' Hoodie.

Girls, grills, and trails.