Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Fell 7-Mile Trail Run

Fall Fell 7-Mile Trail Run, Race Report:


This was the first-ever (official) off-pavement event at Kill Creek Park. It was a low-key FUN trail race, like many of our smaller events. The Kill Creek Trail system is fairly technical, and has roots, rocks and two stream crossings, during the event. It's a beautiful need to check it out, if you haven't been there before. Course Map

On race day, we raised $214 for ERTA for trail maintenance, despite our low $8 entry fee. Many gave more than $8, and we kept expenses low.

RESULTS, including "1st Knitter" and "1st Guy with a Cool Name"

Here are Dick Ross' photos

Remember, these thumbnail shots are free, but you can purchase "the big ones" at his web site.
I'll post a link (soon) to the photos that I took out on the course. Check the site later.

Many thanks to the volunteers, and to Shane Jones for helping me mark the course the night before. I've never known a guy that could keep a cigar lit while running on the "Eddy Trail" with his hands full.

Shane Jones

Fall Fell 7-Mile Trail Run
10/21/2007 (Sun)
Shelter #1, Kill Creek Park
Olathe, KS
Race web site

Some comments from participants:

What a great park and a great run. Even though it wasn't my best run ever, I had tons of fun. And I'm quite proud to be 1st Knitter (thanks, Ben). It doesn't get any better than this. Running in the woods, through creeks, over rocks and roots, under low handing branches, between trees, up the dry creek bed and then back again. Zippety doo dah!
- Cheri Sutton

Thanks to everyone who put on this race. It was a great event. The course was excellent, challenging, and well-marked. The water (meaning, the 30-foot wide gushing stream through which we passed not once but twice) was highly refreshing. The post-race donuts sealed the deal.
Thanks again
J. Erik Hartel

Happy trails,
Bad Ben