Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Update: Free State Trail Run

We have 77 runners signed-up for the 1st annual Free State Trail Runs. This is a very good first year showing for a unpaved venue that doesn't have any races shorter than 26.2 miles!

This is the breakdown:
Fourteen 100-K entrants (with a couple more that I know will sign up on Friday).
Twenty-seven 40-Milers
Thirty-six Trail Marathoners, including "Barefoot" Rick.

To see all of the entrants so far,
Click Here.

Keep in mind that packet pickup will be at:
Sunflower Outdoor & Bike Shop
On Friday, April 27, 11am-5:30pm.
Sunflower Outdoor & Bike Shop
802 Massachusetts St
Lawrence, KS 66044
(785) 843-5000

There will also be race day packet pickup at the race's start/finish area in the State Park.
Just show up early for your event!
Start times:
40-miler and 100-K: 7:00 a.m.
Trail Marathon: 8:00 a.m.

There is also race day entry, for all of you procrastinators.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben


Blogger shliknik said...

Have fun at the race this year! It's already well past the total of the first year of PsychoWYCO! Look for next year's Free St. to be huge after the word spreads.

Can't wait to see the finished belt buckle, t-shirt and medals!

Happy trails and wish I could be there.

5:07 AM  

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