Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I haven't done this for a while, but here's a list of my (current) favorite trail-running shoes:

1st Place:
Vasque Blur - my current fave and an all-around good shoe. Good for 5K's to 100-miler distances. Decently lightweight with a flexible forefoot and really good rock protection. They have very good "trail feel" for a shoe as cushy as they are. They dry fast (after water crossings), too. You can now get these shoes at Garry Gribble's,as well as at Red Wing Shoes on Johnson Drive.

2nd Place (tied for 2nd place):
The 2007 version of the Mizuno Trail Wave Ascend (the Wave Ascend 2)- Much better than their 2006 model...a terrific trailrunning shoe with light weight and good traction. They have excellent trail feel, they dry-out fast, and just feel fast. They would be a very good choice for running in warmer weather, as well. I ran the last 60-miles of the Feb 3rd Rocky Raccoon 100 in these shoes. They were terrific for the long-haul, too. Garry Gribble's carries these locally.

2nd Place (tied for 2nd place):
The new La Sportiva Pike's Peak. Good cushioning without being clunky. Good forefoot flexibility, very good traction and "trail feel." I ran 20 miles in these last weekend (on a rocky trail), and my feet felt fresh at the end of the run. They are awesome on the rocks!!! Garry Gribble's carries these locally.

3rd Place:
Montrail Odyssey - If you want decent, lightweight trailrunning shoes, with lots of trail feel and flexibility, these are it. I wouldn't use these on a muddy run, though, because they have a large "mud pocket" built into them. Garry Gribble's and Great Plains Running Company (in Topeka) carry these locally.

A distant 4th place:
Montrail Continental Divide - A decent shoe, but not as good as its predecessor, the Leona Divide. (Too tall in the heel area and "too substantial" for my tastes). I've had better results with this shoe on flatter trails (and actually on pavement), and they felt great under those circumstances. This shoe would be a great choice for running very long distances on the Trolley Track trail, on the Blue Springs Little Trace trail, or at the Heatland 100/50 mile trail races. They would cross-over between pavement and trail, nicely. Garry Gribble's and Great Plains Running Company (in Topeka) carry these locally.

Where can you purchase trail-running shoes locally? Click right HERE


Blogger shliknik said...

I'm gonna try and Blur or Mizuno next. I bought the Continental Divides, but am not impressed. They seem more 'rigid' and less comfortable than the Leonas.

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