Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Trail Nerd and TrailRunning Design Work

The Artists Among Us

Jason Crosby recently designed some "hardware" for our upcoming event, the "Free State Trail Runs." The Trail Marathon and 40-Miler finishers will receive medals, and the 100-Km finishers will receive a pewter Western-style belt buckle.

Jason also has an illustration in this month's TrailRunning magazine. That makes him the 2nd trailrunner to have run with us Trail Nerds to have contributed artwork to TrailRunning.

Of course, Jeremy Collins: artist, climber, trailrunner and fellow Kansas Citian normally contributes to TrailRunning and climbing magazines on a regular basis. There's also Eric Tiffany, an illustrator for the Kansas City Star and single-speed MTB'er extraordinaire, who runs with us quite a bit.

By the way, Jason has designed the Kansas City Marathon shirt for a second year in a row:

Jason has also designed all of our Trail Nerd designs, to date. We're kinda fond of his work! You can follow his latest designs on his blog.


Blogger Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

Although his is not for profit, I'm thinking that Mr. Shane Jones deserves an honorable mention for his artistic abilities. We have quite a few multi-talented folks in our ranks.

6:48 PM  

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