Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fat Ass 50 Km, Cameron, MO

Early New Year's Morning, a gaggle of Kansas City Trail Nerds headed north to Wallace State Park, in Cameron, Missouri to run in the 10th annual Fat Ass 50-kilometer run. It was a 1-hour drive from suburban KC. What a better way to start the year than to run a 31-mile trail run?
2007 Fat Ass 50K
Bob and Sara Risser always have a very low-key and fun event, followed by some good homemade "eats" in the Park's shelter house. The Risser's have been putting-on this event for 10 years, now. Keeping in the tradition of a true “Fat Ass” New Year’s event, the run is always free of charge to enter. Prior to the start of the race, Paul Schoenlaub presented them with two 10-year anniversary jackets.

2007 Fat Ass 50K Frontrunners
The Front-runners

The Trail Nerds all did well in the fun run. Young Caleb "Gumby" Chatfield, who's now on the regional Montrail Team, "took it easy" and did a 4:13:00 50K on the hilly, rocky, and slightly icy course. He proudly wore his new Trail Nerds long sleeve shirt in the 27-degree weather. He was having some gastro-intestinal distress, and had to stop 3 times to "eliminate" the offending issues, costing him about 10 minutes. What a better time to "do" that, than at a fun Fat Ass run?
2007 Fat Ass 50K Caleb Chatfield
Caleb Chatfield

2nd Place finisher, Dave "the Prince of Perry" Wakefield had a decent run and a fun time on both the course and on the finish line, with the ever-obnoxious and "frequently depraved" Trail Nerds.

Rick "Hypothermia" Mayo ran a great run, followed closely by Greg Burger "the 4th." Rick will be running at the Rocky Raccoon 100 with me in a month, and Greg will be heading to the Leadville 100, this year.

Gabe "Big and Ripped" Bevan ran a fast 50K. He also ran a very fast first 100-miler at Heartland, just 3 short months ago.

Paul "Chatterbox" Schoenlaub cruised through the run in a decent time, using it as a "social trainer." He did his traditional extra 6-mile loop and coached a friend on her last loop.

Stuart "Shawnee" Johnson ran well, followed closely by his ever-faster wife, Deb. Deb took 1st female honors. Bob "Garmin" Billings ran at a steady, "metronome" pace and did well.

I took it easy and did a slow 6:08:00, having run for 7 days straight (to have a high-mileage pre-100-miler training week). I was fine for the first 19 miles, then I had about an hour of "tough time," but I pushed through it and felt better the last 6 miles of the event. The next day I ran a short, fast 4-mile trail loop in SM Park with the Trail Nerds to loosen up. (Many of them ran one or two more 4-mile loops that same night).

Sarah Sinning ran well in her first-ever ultra. She has come a long way in a few short months. She took 2nd Female honors. Her "good friend," Brian ran a few fast loops with the front-runners, then rested his sore knees at the start/finish area, to cheer Sarah on to a good finish.

Gregg from St Joe, MO, had a sub-7-hour finish. He's come a long way in a year.

"Good Ben" Reeves was running well until he ripped a leg muscle, about 25 miles into the race. What a wuss! He could have finished if he had taken my advice and just favored the other leg 100% of the time; or walked on his hands for the last 6 miles.

"Markos" Jacquez was running very well for the first few 6-mile loops until he started dry-heaving like Mel Gibson on a pre-rant bender.

Results below.

All Fat Ass photos by Dick Ross at

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Fat Ass 50 Km, Missouri Version
Cameron, Missouri
January 1, 2007
Caleb Chatfield, 27, KS 4:13:02
David Wakefield, 32, KS 4:29:00
Joe Winch, 50, IA 4:48:30
Rick Mayo, 31 4:48:38
Greg Burger, 40, KS 4:50:48
Gabe Bevan, 34 5:10:47
Paul Schoenlaub, 47 5:18:42
Ken Plumb, 54, WS 5:24:28
Stuart Johnson, 47, KS 5:41:55
Deb Johnson, 47, KS 5:51:40
Bob Billings, 42, KS 5:58:14
Ben Holmes, 49, KS 6:08:34
David Swenson, 51, IA 6:22:02
Sarah Sinning, 23, KS 6:28:28
Cindy Gronstedt, 46 6:43:55
Gregg Mikvicka, 41 6:49:40


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