Monday, September 11, 2006

"Dot" Race Report for Saturday, Sep 9th

I awoke to the alarm on Saturday at 5:15 a.m., after getting a decent 4-1/2 hours of sleep. I headed out to WyCo Park for the XTerra "Dot" trail race. Caleb and I were going to make sure the XTerra folks knew where to put the aid station for the 5K/10K trail race. We also needed to run the course and make sure it was still marked right (from our Thursday night efforts). We were both going to be running in the 10K, along with some other Trail Nerds and the rest of the field. I ran a decently smart race, even though I'm a fat, old gimp. I took 2nd place in my age division. The only reason I wasn't beat by two of the other 40-49 year olds, is my ability to run downhill quickly on rocky & technical trails. Down I can do.

Caleb took 2nd in his division (in this race), too, but he won the other two in the series. He was a little tired on race day from many miles of ultramarathon training the past week at a 5:45/mile pace with some other fast area runners. Neither one of us did too bad, though. He and I both took first in our age groups for the entire XTerra trail race series, and we also tied each other for first place (overall) in the series, based upon points! Not bad. We both went home with medals and some nice North Face race schwag. After the race, Caleb and I ran the course again, to take down the signage.

Greg Burger ran in both the 10K and the 5K, once again. He did well in both. Gary Henry won his age division in the 10K. He must be recovered from his Leadville 100 finish. Jessica Nance took first in her division in the 10K. Paul Sidwell did well, also. Who am I forgetting? Let me know.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben


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