Monday, April 03, 2006

Rockin' K 2006, Short Race Report

A bunch of us Trail Nerds went out to Kanopolis State Park in the middle of Kansas to run the offered 50-miler and marathon distances. This year, I chose the marathon option, because my right knee still isn't healed from a nasty fall 3-weeks ago. It hurt right from the get-go, and continued to plague me for the entire race. I'm not too unhappy for not opting for the 50-miler. After all, I went into this race as just a training run for upcoming 100-milers, and I saved the knee to be able to keep training. (I am getting smarter with age).

This was my 6th time out at this race. We've never camped in the campground near the start/finish area before. It was a real treat to do so this year. A whole gaggle of us Trail Nerds stayed at one campsite, and a few others stayed in area hotels. We were going to stay and camp on Saturday night as well, but severe weather moved in to quench that idea. We had to get out quick, too. The storm, with "tornadic activity," 70-MPH winds, and severe thunder showers chased us all the way to Kansas City. We arrived home shortly before Midnight.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben


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